January 28, 2013

Human and Civil Rights week on U of I campus

Bake Sale to Support UN Aid to Typhoon Survivors in the Philippines 
 photo PhillipinesTyphoonaid_zpsbc48877b.png

  Thursday, January 31, 11am-2pm
WHERE:  Old Capital Mall cafeteria seating area,  Iowa City 
On January 25, the United Nations called on the world to increase support for post typhoon humanitarian efforts in the Philippines.  This Thursday, the University of Iowa United Nations Association will do its part by hosting a bake sale in support of these efforts.  The sale will be at the Old Capital Mall in downtown Iowa City.  Please stop by to indulge in baked sweets and to support this critical humanitarian effort!    

Screening of One Day on Earth  
 photo OneDayonEarth_zpsdd3ee3ac.png 

  Friday, February 1, 4pm-6pm
WHERE:  Bijou Theatre, University of Iowa Memorial Union,  Iowa City 

Human Rights Awareness Week at the University of Iowa will culminate with a community screening of the One Day on Earth documentary.  Supported by the United Nations and agencies like UNICEF, this is the first documentary in recorded history to show footage from every country on the planet.  All footage shown is from the same 24 hour period.  To view the theatrical trailer, please click here

This program is hosted by the University of Iowa United Nations Association and participating partners in Human Rights Awareness Week.

January 22, 2013

Perspectives on US Drone Warfare: Afghanistan and Pakistan

Leah Bolger, National President of Veterans for Peace
Wednesday, Jan 23, 7 pm
St. Mary's Social Hall, 302 E. Jefferson St.,
Iowa City

Leah Bolger retired after 20 years in the US Navy with rank of Commander.  She will address the subject of Drone Warfare.  She recently returned from Pakistan after visiting with families of drone victims.  Dan Tallon who served in the National Guard in Afghanistan will also speak.

January 18, 2013

Reporting Aggression

Harry Fear’s World Talking Tour
Friday, January 18th
6 to 8 pm
Iowa City Public Library
Meeting Room A
Contact: Yaser (319) 333-5231
Recently, Harry Fear - British documentary filmmaker, journalist, activist, and human rights advocate - gained personal renown on the Internet with live reports delivered during the November 2012 Israeli incursion into the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Now that a ceasefire has been reached, he has embarked on a world-wide talking tour to share his knowledge about the human, social, political, and economic impact of the current situation from his own firsthand perspective. 

More information can be found about Harry Fear (warning­some graphic content) at:

This event - free and open to the public - is sponsored by Sabeel Iowa, and is cosponsored by People for Justice in Palestine and local concerned citizens.

January 14, 2013

Peace and Justice Newsletters

Checkout some of our Peace and Justice Newsletters!

Winter 2012
Summer 2012
Winter 2011

January 11 meeting

Thanks to all who attended the brief but fun meeting in DM along with the Legislative Conference for Iowa State EA.   Thanks, also, to those who renewed their membership.

We also agreed to support the February Peace Party at the Iowa Children's Museum in Iowa City on February 7.  Thank you to all who continue to share peaceful methods locally and state wide.  In Iowa City, we will continue our "peace watch" on Fridays from 4:30 to 5PM at the Old Capitol location.  This is being sponsored by "Peace Iowa" of which I am a Board member representing YOU.  I personally hope that teaching peace becomes a curriculum for Iowa and the nation.

Thanks, again, Nancy

Gun Control plan

More than 925,000 people have signed the Demand A Plan petition to end gun violence. Please forward this message to your family and friends to help reach our goal of one million signers before the one-month anniversary of the Newtown tragedy. Ask them to sign the petition here: http://www.demandaplan.org/SandyHook

Share with your friends and family
Monday is the one-month anniversary of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

Twenty innocent children and six brave adults lost their lives, and the tragedy sparked a real debate about gun violence in this country -- at least for now.

Newspaper headlines and TV news anchors are reporting that our number one              priority -- fixing the criminal background check system -- is at the top of the president's agenda. That's a huge victory, and it's thanks to supporters like you.

Unfortunately, our elected leaders can have short memories. Conventional wisdom in Washington, DC says that if the legislative process drags on long enough, the urgency will fade and Congress won’t have to act.

We can’t let them forget Newtown. And we can’t wait for the next tragedy to fix our broken gun laws.

Will you ask your friends and family to join a million fellow Americans and Demand A Plan to end gun violence? Here’s how:
It’s time for Congress to act. More than 835 mayors from across the country have come together to support common sense solutions to end gun violence.

Requiring criminal background checks for all guns sales. Taking assault weapons and high capacity magazines off our streets. And establishing harsh penalties for illegal gun trafficking.

These solutions are within the reach of our leaders in Washington. They just need your support to make it happen.

For the families of Newtown and the 33 Americans who are murdered with guns every day, please spread the word.

Thank you,

Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns