July 14, 2010

Education Funding Still Getting Caught Up in War Funding?

War Supplemental Stalls in the Senate
By Brian Friel, CQ Staff

The must-pass supplemental appropriations bill funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is stuck in a logjam that could delay action on the Senate floor for a few weeks, a key Senate Democrat said.

Choice Words from the Chair

As I reflect on the whirlwind days at the Rep Assembly in New Orleans, I'm glad we were there. New Orleans has survived. The students can still stand on corners and play their musical instruments, although they'd like to be allowed to play later into the night. Bourbon Street is alive and well and the music and food and drinks flow richly. I was definitely affected by the air quality, but it was worth the inconvenience. I hope educators spent as much money as they could to help keep this city thriving. Louisiana needs our help. We would be naive to think otherwise. BP workers need our help. Our national work force needs our help. Our international friends at war and internal/international combustion neighboring nations need peace, acceptance and understanding.

July 13, 2010

Peace and Justice Caucus Elections Bring New Leaders

The NEA Peace and Justice Caucus was busy promoting a new business item on the war in Afghanistan but it also held elections for leadership posts for the coming year. Here are your newly elected and continuing leaders for the caucus...

Nancy Porter Iowa City, Iowa PorterNancy@msn.com

July 3, 2010

Peace and Justice Caucus Supports NBI on Afghanistan

The following New Business Item was actively supported by the NEA Peace and Justice Caucus it failed on a very close floor vote:

"Afghanistan and Reallocation of Federal Resources"
The NEA will call on the U.S. Government to end its war and occupation in Afghanistan and begin a safe and orderly withdrawal of all troops, contractors, and weaponry.