May 30, 2007

Most Americans favor changing or abolishing NCLB

Nearly two-thirds of Americans want Congress to re-write or outright abolish the federal No Child Left Behind Act that isup for reauthorization by Congress, according to a survey by the Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University.

The survey found that the more people know about the law, the more they don't like it. According to a survey conducted by the Scripps Howard News Service from May 6-27, 2007, "Well-educated people, especially college graduates and those who've attended post-graduate schooling, are especially likely to call for changes to the law. People who have public school children at home are somewhat more likely to want the law altered or abolished than are people who don't currently have children in school."

The survey specifics: 23 percent of the 1,010 respondents said they want the law renewed in its current form; 14 percent want it abolished; and 49 percent want it amended. When you add those numbers together, 63 percent want the law abolished or amended.

Only about a third of those surveyed said they think the law has had a positive influence on public education. Slightly less than half said it has had a negative impact, while a fifth were undecided.

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