December 15, 2007

A Chiapas Miracle

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Dear friends,

Holiday greetings from the misty mountains and steamy jungles of the Mexican southeast. As 2007 ends there are finally more Zapatista education promoters than there are autonomous, indigenous schools ~ this human miracle must now be matched with a renewed burst of school constructions!

Your help TODAY will make all the difference!

For over a decade autonomous Mayan communities have assigned the best and brightest of their young men and women to be trained as "promoters" - teachers of literacy, health, and ecological agriculture. These volunteers work completely without salary and make great sacrifices on behalf of the Mayan communities. Now in this holiday season they deserve our love, our prayers, and our support.

Please lend a hand in building new Mayan schools and training centers throughout Chiapas. Your support is helping construct a new world - one child at a time. Make your donation now to receive a 2007 tax deduction!

Por y para los niños y las niñas,
Peter BrownSchools for Chiapas ps.

Volunteer opportunity: Dig foundations, mix cement, nail boards, paint classrooms, and hang blackboards for autonomous, indigenous schools in Chiapas, Mexico. Join a Schools for Chiapas educational and / or working delegation in Chiapas during 2008 ~ or design your own trip!

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