January 27, 2009

P&J Newletter Update

Dear Midwest P&J Members,

As you may or may not know, P&J tries to print at least three and sometimes four newsletters a year, but this year we're going to do at least one of them online only because our income is low. If you would prefer to receive your newsletter online all the time, would you please contact Pat Robertson at topatr@mac.com. If most people did this, we could afford more newsletters, and I know that some of you actually prefer to read things online. Please contact her if this is your wish.

Secondly, I've become aware that many members are not part of the listserv where so much information and opinion is circulated within our P&J membership. If you are not on it and would like to be, please contact Andy Griggs, our national chair, at andyca6@gmail.com.

Tom Wolfe
P&J Midwest Director

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