July 3, 2010

Peace and Justice Caucus Supports NBI on Afghanistan

The following New Business Item was actively supported by the NEA Peace and Justice Caucus it failed on a very close floor vote:

"Afghanistan and Reallocation of Federal Resources"
The NEA will call on the U.S. Government to end its war and occupation in Afghanistan and begin a safe and orderly withdrawal of all troops, contractors, and weaponry.

(a) The NEA will urge all levels of government to support returning troops, including significant expenditures to provide further education/student financial support, job training, and adequate health care for veterans.

(b) The NEA will publicly insist that the funds which would be otherwise spent on the war in Afghanistan be used for public job creation, especially for public education, health care, and other urgently needed social programs for American working people.

The fact that an "object to consideration" on this NBI was defeated and we got to our speakers before a close floor vote was another sign of small progress on these issues. A big thanks to the California state president, David Sanchez, speaking for the state delegation. His speech was impassioned and convincing. The language was crafted to bring schools and veterans to the forefront and the more we can connect our NBI's to the students in our classrooms the more likely we will move NEA towards a more "peace and justice" focused agenda.

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