December 12, 2010

Dream Act: House Passes Dream Act; Tell The Senate to Act

Each year, thousands of undocumented students who have lived in the United States for at least five years graduate from U.S. high schools. Among these students, with whom NEA members work every day, are valedictorians, straight-A students, and idealistic youth committed to bettering their communities. Yet, because of their lack of legal status, they are unable to pursue higher education.

On December 7, the House passed the bipartisan DREAM Act by a vote of 216-198. The bill gives eligible young people the opportunity to resolve their immigration status and work towards citizenship.

On December 8, the Senate voted to table action on the bill, as supporters work to secure the 60 votes needed for passage. The Senate could take up the bill again the week of December 13.

Take Action:

Urge your Senators to support the DREAM Act
See how your House member voted on passage of the DREAM Act
See NEA’s co-sponsored ads (ad 1; ad 2; ad 3) in support of the DREAM Act

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