February 15, 2011

The fight to save preschool in Public Schools is mounting in Iowa

Read what the Republicans in Iowa are promoting and the direction they are pushing. The fight to save preschool in Public Schools is mounting. 2/15

Speaking on the Senate floor, Chelgren told legislators that the state’s universal preschool program amounted to “an indoctrination process by teachers.” Chelgren said, “Nazis, the Soviets, a whole variety of groups, a whole variety of countries, take their children because it’s not just up to age six they’re so malleable.” He was joined by other Republican Senators in arguing for the elimination of the state’s universal preschool program, which currently covers over 20,000 Iowa children.

Click here to listen to Senator Chelgren’s remarks and help us send a message that this type of rhetoric is unacceptable.

Earlier today, Governor Branstad joined the attack on preschool by releasing a proposal which would require all Iowa families to pay to enroll their children in the program. His proposal would require some households to pay thousands of dollars, undoubtedly reducing the number of families able to participate. Defending the cost, Branstad claimed a family of four, making $67,000 a year was “affluent” and could easily afford the program.

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