June 10, 2011

Iowa Education Summit - Look Who the Governor Just Invited!

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The Governor decided to turn the Iowa Education Summit into a showcase for politics rather than education with the invitation of incendiary New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. What had been a panel of education experts has now added a polarizing figure that could turn the whole summit into a political sideshow rather than a reasoned discussion of the future of education in our state.

A quick look at the New Jersey governor's education "reform" ideas shows he supports:
- Vouchers to divert public money from public schools to private and for-profit schools.
- Performance pay based on student test scores.
- Billions of dollars in reductions in school funding.
- Elimination of senority.
- Freezing teacher salaries and pension contributions.

Need more? How about some of these quotes from the New Jersey governor....

Christie referred to the NJ Union as "political thugs."


Said teacher's unions are "universally self-interested" and “They’re there to protect the lousy ones so they continue to pay their dues every year.’’


Accused the NJ Union of being "completely out of touch" and "using students like drug mules" in school board elections


Called the union "a political thuggery operation" that is "Fat, rich and entitled."


Cut $1.5 billion in school aid in his first 3 months in office


Appeared at a Branstad fundraiser in Iowa and said "The NJ Union /is/ about pure, raw power, to keep their folks, even the worst of their folks, continuing to be employed, so they can continue to be dues paying members, so they continue to perpetuate their power across my state."


And called the union "bullies and thugs" saying he "doesn't know how they sleep at night."


One has to wonder why Governor Branstad thinks such a polarizing figure is going to be a productive addition to an Iowa Education Summit.

Contact Governor Branstad today and tell him to dis-invite Christie so that the Education Summit can be about our children and not politics! 

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