February 22, 2012

Worthwhile information follows copied from Alliance for Retired in Iowa.
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John Boehner Upset That the Payroll Tax Cut Extension Means Ordinary Americans Will Have More Money
Jason Linkins
February 17, 2012
Huffington Post
As talks of the payroll tax extension have dwindled down post-compromise, Speaker John Boehner has offered some interesting thoughts about the result. In not-so-straightforward speech, he expressed his view of the compromise as an economic relief plan and not as a jobs bill, instead opting for a view that would have given more money to big business or the “job creators.” According to Linkins, what the compromise really does is keep money in the pockets of the middle class so it can keep big business profitable, spurring job growth.
Unions Return to Democratic Fold for 2012 Elections
Matea Gold and Melanie Mason
February 19, 2012
LA Times
Union soldiers are back in action on the pro-Democrat side of politics after the massive Republican attack on unions and interests of the working class this past election season. Thanks to right-to-work movements in Wisconsin, Michigan, and unsuccessfully in Indiana, unions are gearing up for campaigns that look to oust anti-labor candidates.
Wisconsin Recall Race: AFSCME Endorses Kathleen Falk
Mackenzie Weinger
February 21, 2012
The 2nd largest union in Wisconsin has officially endorsed Dem. Kathleen Falk in the gubernatorial recall election later this year. The AFSCME spent much time interviewing different candidates that would be able to compete with current Republican Governor Scott Walker. The special election is expected to be in June of this year.

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