March 6, 2012

Iran's Nuclear Program--Pooof!

You know, I try.  I really, really try.  I try to keep rational, particularly when unexplainable events occur that do not square with the given “facts.”  I have been a science teacher and student for over forty years.  I have learned to ask questions.  I have learned that sometimes the answers have to be dug out from wherever they are hidden.  I can speculate as to what the answer might be, but until I get the facts, I struggle to come to a conclusion that I am willing to defend.

Anonymous, the hacking group, got into the files of Stratfor, a private security company out of Texas.  They dumped 5.5 million emails onto Wikileaks, who promptly released some of the emails on Feb. 26, 2012.  While there were a number of interesting notes, the most striking one, as identified by Susie Madrak of ( deals with Iran’s nuclear program.  Ms. Madrak’s presentation is an excellent, albeit short one.  In an email of Nov. 14, 2011, and another subsequent analysis, Israel seems to have already sabotaged the Iranian nuclear efforts.  As reported in some mainstream media outlets, a number of Iranian scientists in Janurary of 2012 were found murdered.  

So, what does this point to?  I think the answer is pretty obvious.  If these emails and news accounts are true, Iran is without a nuclear program.  Then why do we have the drumbeat by Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, John Bolton, etc., ad nauseum?  This is where the proof is needed.  Speculate all you want.  Ms. Madrak makes an interesting point about the European Union trying to divert attention away from their economic disasters.  Others may state that the military-industrial complex is very concerned with our pulling out of Iraq and the eventual pull-out of Afghanistan.  This will hurt their profit margin.  Others say that this is Israel trying to take advantage of a weak Iran by forcing its military onto the country that can not defend itself nuclearly. 

I just don’t know, but one thing is clear.  There has been very little written about this whole state of affairs in our newspapers and even less covered on the airways.  Why is that?  Why is there a taciturn resistance to the facts that have emerged?  We find very little being written/spoken about Wikileaks and Bradley Manning.  Why is that?  Are people afraid that if the truth is discovered that more people will take to the streets in protest to our warrior behavior?  We are a country on the verge of financial collapse.  This is the ideal time to make the military spending be scaled backed by at a monumental level to concentrate on protecting our own people and less on sacrificing poor people to defend our corporations and Friedmanian experiments around the world.

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