April 12, 2012

Justice in Florida

            Isn’t it amazing that we celebrate a semblance of justice when it occurs after a horrible injustice was initiated?  I am not criticizing what the special prosecutor in Florida did when she announced that second-degree murder charges were filed against George Zimmerman on Apr. 11.  In fact, I admire the way that Angela Corey has gone about determining the strongest legal action she could take by going through the information she had in front of her.  Instead of relying on a prejudiced pool of grand-jury members, she did all the analysis needed, in her mind.  Many pundits expressed surprised that she went after Zimmerman with second-degree murder instead of “just” manslaughter, but I think it is pretty obvious that she had much more available to her than was shown to the public.

            I have been sitting on my hands by commenting rarely on this case until something concrete were to happen.  I have been astonished at the way information has been leaked to the public.  I am especially disgusted by the Orlando Sentinel’s lack of journalistic standards by releasing the disturbing tidbits of information that were so heavily slanted without any research to prove these statements to be correct. 

            Thank goodness for the social media and for the brave reporters who brought this story to the forefront of the American psyche.  Outraged people responded appropriately against a slowly rising tide of hidden racism in laws like Stand Your Ground.  These laws needed to be brought out from under the rocks to be exposed to sunlight as the ugliness that they are.  This is one of those ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) ideas that billionaires like the Koch brothers have been pushing.  Check ALEC Exposed (http://alecexposed.org/wiki/What_is_ALEC%3F) for more information on this nefarious group.

            Now, we have to wait to see how this plays out.  I am hearing that the trial will be televised.  I hope so.  I want to see what evidence was not exposed to us in an attempt to manipulate our opinions.  We have a semblance of justice now that Zimmerman is in jail, but we have a long way to go before full justice is obtained.  What is full justice here?  I don’t know, but I will be watching this trial in its entirety.  Zimmerman may be on trial, but a lot of other issues are on trial as well:  journalistic standards, the legal system, the police force at Stanford, Florida, and more.  Whatever the outcome, let’s hope that it is just.  But then, this is the South. . .

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