August 5, 2012

American Plutocracy

Worker justice is unattainable if the worker has no rights within the workplace.  This seems so obvious when you stare at these words, but it seems that this concept escapes the majority of this country.  A strong voice with legal backing allows the 99% to bargain with the plutocracy when essential livelihood is at stake.  What happens when those rights are taken?  The greed of the plutocracy gets out of control, and poverty rises at a rate that is shocking.  That is what is happening in the United States, in Europe, and now it has creeped into a part of the world that seemed to be immune to such behavior:  Asia.

We Americans want a nice transformation to the ways of not living in fear of losing our house, our job, our comfort because of an economic collapse at the behest of our plutocracy.  The collapse of the 1920's was due to the manipulation of the Wall Street crowd who were reacting to the Teddy Roosevelt administration's handling of monopolies/trusts.  Franklin Roosevelt, a very wealthy man, came in and saw the direction this country was in, putting societal principles over the habits of the rich, turned this country around.  The rich were outraged, trying to cause a revolt against the American government by contacting General Smedley Bradley.  Bradley testified to Congress about the "Business Plot" and was ridiculed by the press.  Sound familiar?  The committee found evidence that he was indeed telling the truth, but no charges were filed.  Sound familiar?  The plutocracy has been plotting for years to obtain a stranglehold on this country and the world.  It is all falling into place.  They even have a television network that propagandizes their viewpoints to the under educated and have newspapers throughout the world to support these viewpoints.  This is all to our detriment.

Wars are fought in hopes of spreading their abilities to increase their wealth on the backs of the defeated.  The whole concept of Friedmanian economics is based upon this idea.  It was tried in Chile, and again in Iraq.  Create chaos to bring in a new financial system that favors the rich.  How is there a way to stop this?

The concept of the nice transformation is in danger.  As our rights get taken away by legislations such as The Patriot Act, we have been pretty silent on the losses of the First Amendment rights.  While Americans have been killed without a trial via the use of drone planes, we have lost our Sixth Amendment rights.  Some countries fight back.  France is always having strikes by workers.  Now Asian countries are experiencing riots in factories in which workers are being abused.  Here is an article about Suzuki in India.

The last line in this article encapsulates the result of the plutocracy's rule:  "There is ill-will, there is bad feeling, there is hatred," she said. "If there is no justice and no transparency, there will be no peace... This will happen again."

I am not advocating for the American public to riot in the streets, but I am asking the American public to turn off the cable TV, put down the beer, and find a spine.  We are being crushed.  We are losing our rights.  We are losing our justice.  Let's get it back.  Stand up for yourself and not allow this plutocracy to beat us.

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