December 15, 2013

ALEC exposed

by Brian Washington


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Local reporters across the nation are starting to ask questions about the American Legislative Exchange Council(ALEC) following a report last week that the conservative, right-wing group, known for promoting the agenda of rich fat cats over the rights of American workers, is facing some serious financial troubles.
Reporters are also taking a closer look at the State Policy Network (SPN), a web of local affiliates that promote themselves as independent “think tanks” but, in reality, are really some of the most active members and largest sponsors of ALEC.
ALEC and SPN squash democracy by scheming with corporate CEOs and right-wing, conservative politicians to push its “model legislation” in state legislatures across the country. However, the media is starting to catch on. Check out some of the negative press ALEC and SPN are generating across the country:
Some of the policies that undermine middle-class families and shortchange students that are being promoted by ALEC and SPN include legislation that would do the following:
  • Privatize public education
  • Deny workers a voice on the job
  • Defund public services; and
  • Disenfranchise communities of color.
Last week, a large group of protesters rallied in support of students, working families, and public education outside the Grand Hyatt hotel in Washington, DC, the site where ALEC held its annual meeting.
Check out the topic page on Education Votes dedicated to ALEC, where you can learn more about ALEC and SPN, including how both are working to drive more students into poverty and rob them of the chance to get a quality public education.
TAKE ACTION:  If journalists in your area have not reported on ALEC and its destructive, corporate agenda, call them up and find out why.

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