April 14, 2008

Do You Know Where Your Taxes Are Going?

Tomorrow is Tax Day! People all around the country will be calling attention to how our tax dollars are used, and making the connection between our country's current financial troubles and the more than $505 billion that has already been spent on the occupation of Iraq.
Ideas for taking action and educating others on April 15th:

Hand out leaflets making the connections between the war and our growing economic crisis here at home. (See below for resources.) You can distribute this material at your local post office, at busy transportation hubs during rush hour, and in other locations where you can talk with people, including where you work or go to school.

Sign our open letter to Rep. John Murtha, and encourage others to do so as well.
Call in to local radio talk shows, or write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.
Call your representatives and your senators in Congress and urge them to use their power to bring all of the troops home!

Resources you can use, created by UFPJ and a few of our member groups:
1) The War Resisters League's federal pie chart illustrates how much of our tax dollars really go toward military spending. 3) This new UFPJ leaflet urges people to pressure Congress to stop funding the war! The leaflet has a box for you to add local contact information -- just click inside that box and type. 4) "Healthcare Not Warfare" is a new campaign initiated by PDA. 5) The National Priorities Project's website has up-to-date breakdowns of what the war in Iraq is costing your state and your community!And if you're receiving a refund this year, please consider dedicating some or all of it to peace! Click here to donate to UFPJ.

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