May 26, 2008

Monster Among Us: A Must See ACLU Video About the Erosion of Our Civil Liberties

Steve & Sekou - "Monster Among Us"

The reality is we are fast approaching a genuine surveillance society in the United States - a dark future where our every move, our every transaction, our every communication is recorded, compiled, and stored away, ready to be examined and used against us by the authorities whenever they want. The ACLU has created this Surveillance Clock to symbolize just how close we are to a "midnight" of a genuine surveillance society. But it's not too late - there is still time to save our privacy.

• Powerful new technologies
• Weakening privacy laws
• The "War on Terror"
• Courts that let privacy rights slip away
• A president who thinks he can ignore the law
• Big corporations becoming extensions of the surveillance state

From the artists:

For this piece we needed to look no further for the inspiration then one of the ACLU's own reports. The piece was about technology as a monster and the chains struggling to contain it. It was such an apt and rich metaphor that we ran with it and expanded the idea. It helped because our struggle to that point was writing a short piece that did the issue justice. There are so many sub issues that fall under this large topic and the Monster metaphor gave us a way to deal with all of them.

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"few things more critical for our well being as a country then a good education for all its' citizens and few issues more demanding of a good education then the issue of sex" more...
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"'show us the body [of evidence against us]' is an idea so critical it deserves to be at the foundation of any free society and we wanted to expand on that" more...
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"The [report] was about technology as a monster and the chains struggling to contain it. It was such an apt and rich metaphor that we ran with it and expanded the idea" more...
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"The challenge at times working with ACLU, is to take serious, intellectual concepts and transform them into something emotional and alive. At the root of all these concepts is something beautiful and sacred." more...
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"How can racial profiling be anything more than a tool for injustice and discrimination, if one race is writing the description of dangerous races with one hand, while their other hand is covered in blood?" more...
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"Take America Back"
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"Choose Now"

> Abstinence-Only
> Surveillance
> Free Speech
> Racial Profiling
> Habeas Corpus

Even Bigger, Even Weaker: The Emerging Surveillance Society: Where Are We Now?

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Description: An Update to the ACLU Report, Bigger Monster, Weaker Chains

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