July 12, 2008

Honoring Paul Mann at the NEA Human & Civil Rights Dinner in Washington, DC

Iowa Delegates, family and P&J Friends attended NEA's Human and Civil Rights Award Dinner on July 2, 2008. It was a fantastic night to be a member of the Association. Inspiring, motivated, kind and passionate educational leaders were honored for their service to humanity, social justice, equality and making the world a better place.

It was an honor to watch Lola at the microphone. I'll bet you'll reach the same conclusion. Here are the clips honoring the Applegate-Dorros Peace and International Understanding recipient for 2008, our friend Paul Mann.

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Elise Robillard in Oklahoma said...

Thank you for posting this video! I regretted so much that I couldn't be there --- getting to see this made it very real for me. How great an honor! Lola looks so poised and beautiful, and she spoke so eloquently, as did Nancy, Tom, Peter, and Alan. It was the words of the students that moved me the most, though. We miss Paul, but boy, did he ever leave his mark on us all!