July 14, 2008

Join Amnesty International in Battling Online Governmental Censorship


Chat rooms monitored. Blogs deleted. Websites blocked. Search engines restricted. People imprisoned for simply posting and sharing information.

The Internet is a new frontier in the struggle for human rights. Governments – with the help of some of the biggest IT companies in the world – are cracking down on freedom of expression … learn more

*Got a blog or website?

Undermine censorship by publishing fragments of censored material on your site

If you have a website or blog, help us spread the word and undermine unwarranted censorship by publishing censored material from our database directly onto your site.

The more people take part the more we show that freedom of expression cannot be repressed.

*Interested in the issue?

Read the latest good and bad news on internet repression and submit new stories

These are news items relevant to censorship and online repression submitted by irrepressible.info users. You can submit your own too. If you find any item inappropriate (e.g spam) simply use the "flag for moderation" link to have a moderator look at it.

* Only have a few minutes?

Sign the pledge to support freedom of expression on the internet

About this Pledge

An Amnesty International delegation handed in a petition of 50,000 signatures to this pledge in November 2006 at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens, before an audience of governments and companies from across the world.

The IGF process continues and so does Amnesty's fight for freedom of expression online. Irrepressible.info will continue to collect signatures to the pledge and use them to campaign against internet repression.

The more people who sign up, the louder our voice. Please read and sign our pledge.

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