June 19, 2009

Turn Words Into Action

During the campaign, Senator Obama said he will never abandon or turn his back on the people of Darfur; now President Obama appears to be close to unveiling his plan. Our President's plan must be clear and concise in regards to what will be done to end the attrocities that have gone unchecked for far too long. Our President must make saving this region in Sudan a national priority, rather than an issue that we will get to when we can.

Former President Bush didn't take the issue in Darfur seriously and refuese to send aid or troops to the region to help the struggle. He made a last ditch effort on January of 2009 by sending an emergency airlift to the region; too little too late.


Our new President cannot follow this strategy. In his campaign, Obama promised to make Darfur a priority and you can help make him own up to his promise. Visit the site below and fill out a form to send a letter to the President urging him to make a plan for the region public and a priority.


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