July 13, 2009

Paul Mann: Schools for Chiapas

The Schools for Chiapas is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to bringing schools, classrooms, and education to the indigenous Mayan people in the extreme southern region of Mexico. Specifically they support Zapatista programs in literacy, health, ecological agriculture, and productive community projects. They are truly a grassroots organization that is not connected to any for-profit organization or government.

Thanks in part to the sailboat cruises for Chiapas Schools, the Paul Mann Schools for Chiapas was able to raise over $6,000 during the NEA Delegate assembly in San Diego. A wonderful total, but still short of what is needed for the people of this region in Southern Mexico.

Each school of five classrooms requires $7,500 to build and that doesn't include desks, supplies and upkeep. The schools need our help year-round and here is what you can do to help. At the Schools for Chiapas website you can read about the origin of the the Paul Mann Schools, ideas and lessons for your classroom, as well as the history of the Zapitista people. At the website, you can give a one time donation for any amount, or a monthly donation. You can even buy Zapitista products such as coffee, artwork, dolls and so much more. Go to the Schools for Chiapas website and give whatever you can today.

Mission Statement:
Schools for Chiapas supports the autonomous, indigenous communities of Chiapas, Mexico in their efforts to create a just, democratic, and dignified education including autonomous schools, community health trainings, ecological agricultural studies, and alternative market development. In the face of corporate globalization, we join the Zapatistas and others in the effort to build capacity and skills for healthy, sustainable, and self-reliant communities. We join people of conscience everywhere in promoting alternative models of education and action that challenge and resist environmental degradation and human exploitation.
Written by Schools for Chiapas Coordinators
June 18, 2006

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Tom Wolfe said...

The Paul Mann School is a wonderful P&J project, and the volunteers there, Peter Brown and others, are truly inspiring. When I contribute to it, I feel that my money is being used wisely.