August 6, 2009

News From the Chair

Peace and Justice Caucus
National Education Association

I am Nancy Porter. I am a reading teacher in the Iowa City Community School District. I have a long career as an educator but maintain my parent status with two daughters and their five offspring as an important part of my legacy. I’m not sure where being a mother in law fits, but I do know I have had the joy of my family presence these last weeks. Since they live in NY, I can’t often say that.

The thrilling part of my life is working with all the new and enthusiastic members of Peace and Justice who want to see positive change for the future of our caucus. Many of these members come from Iowa. There are too many for whom I am very thankful and expect great things from in the future. I do want to recognize the colleagues from Iowa who have continued in PandJ on the national level: Carol Kula recently elected floor chair, Tom Wolfe persevering Midwest Regional Director, Tom McLaughlin national blog site web master. I also want to thank all the current Board members and chairs for creating and continuing our caucus. They represent what is great about being an educator.

Like any organization we are only as strong, smart, viable and communicative as our members allow us to be.

You are the member and you are the one I want to hear from. In the near future we will have a web site reflective of the regions, needs, awareness, interests, action needed of our concerns at home and internationally. Hopefully you will be able to focus on what is most important to you and you can let us know if we miss your prime interests for peace and justice.

All input is welcome, new ideas can be implemented, and a forceful means of communication achieved. It is never too early to begin planning for the Delegate Assembly, and working for peace and justice is an ongoing direction for our caucus.

Summer R’s: renew, re-create, get ready to roll

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Anonymous said...

Great article Nancy! Way to go! I am doing my best to renew, recreate and get ready to roll! Hope to see you soon. Roberta