January 29, 2011

Regional Conference Reports

The Midwest Regional had a caucus meeting with about 10 attendees. Several new members were added to our caucus and about $296 was collected. This is far below what has been collected in the past and I contribute that to only selling 2 shirts....we need new ones and I am in the process of having some printed sooner rather than later. CR has a union printer. Tom Wolfe spent the whole regional time at a table and collected most of the money. The caucus meeting did not produce any new thoughts or ideas. Tom is entitled to the $100 assist from pandj.
NE Regional... only three people attended the caucus meeting which was run by Martha Allen, yes, our past vice chair. She wrote me all three were willing to join but didn't have member forms. The member forms were published in a letter I added...but apparently because it was not a visible part of the newsletter, it didn't get distributed. The information packet was sent to a local president....Chris Colbath-Hess. The best news is Dr. Gayle Nelson sees our plight as necessary and is willing to be the NE regional director but she will need support.

The West Regional was held with Jill Dudley as our contact, thanks to Elise Robilard our new West Director for finding her. She is entitled to the $100 if I hear some kind of report from her. Unfortunately, I do not have her address so phoning her has been my approach.

The Mid Atlantic is this weekend and Jameel Earnest Williams and Lisa Petry-Kirk are in charge. I sent them a small box of shirts and caps and ribbons and forms...and letters.

I am working on editing the newsletter and adding the Chiapas, Paul Mann Award, member form and Board member information. As the letter was published by Lisa with 350 copies, and I have sent some of these, used some at the Regionals, I will only print what is needed for a mailing. I am working on mailing labels, but found when I tried to email Iowa, 39 of the addresses were printed incorrectly. Transposing all that information has got to be most difficult. I know Tom Wolfe has worked on credible lists, I just wish I could get my hands on these. Stacey, you might be the person who can help figure things out electronically.

We have got to get our communications running. I have been making personal phone calls for lots of reasons. I'm sure a lot of folks are wondering why they pay dues since they have not gotten a newsletter. Our listserve is so extremely outdated with names and without current names.

Tom Wolfe just politely asks "Have you heard about our caucus?" and gives them the printed info...some come back, some join. Mo will be our voice at the Pacific Regional. I thought I had a couple of good guys for the SE Regional, but now I'm not sure.

Working to spread the word....

Nancy Porter,
NEA P&J Chair

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