October 24, 2011

Chicago Substance News: Newsletter supporting Public Ed reports

The arrest of Occupy Chicago peaceful protesters demonstrates that some laws are more important to civil order for the top 1% than others. Rahm Emanuel runs for mayor without a home residence to live in. Mayor Daley funnels more than $3 million in taxpayer TIF money to his favored charities including his wife's. Between 1972 and 1991, 135 African-American men and women were arrested and tortured by former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and officers at Area 2 police headquarters, and Dick Daley as State's Attorney refuses to investigate. The city has paid out tens of millions of dollars in the last couple years to settle a variety of police abuse cases, but reforming Police Chief Jody Weiss – while improving all public safety numbers – run out of town on a rail because the police don't like his reforms. Daley destroys Meigs Field runways breaking federal laws and leading to $330,000 in fines for the taxpayers to cover. Last year, CME makes nearly $1 billion but gets $15 million in taxpayer TIF money to spruce up its building at 30 S. Wacker, and now Rahm is lobbying Springfield for CME to get more tax breaks while jacking up taxes on the rest of us. All of this waste and corruption is accepted by the powers that be. But Saturday’s arrests show that if you demonstrate peacefully against these iniquities you will be arrested for disorderly behavior. Do not let greed, corruption and unprincipled leadership silence our consciences and voices as taxpayers.

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