October 2, 2013

How bad can it get!?

The Top Nine Ways a Government Shutdown Affects Real Americans

     1. 800,000 federal employees will go without pay -- and it's unclear if they'll receive back pay for time missed.

     2. 3.6 million veterans may not receive benefits if the shutdown lasts over two weeks.

     3. The Centers for Disease Control will have to stop its flu prevention program, just as flu season begins.

     4. Food safety inspections will scale back their work, exposing millions to risk.

     5. About nine million moms and pregnant women will no longer receive nutritional assistance from the Department of Agriculture's Women, Infants, and Children program.

     6. The Small Business Administration will be unable to process new loans, potentially slowing new small business growth.

     7. National parks and museums will close across the country, damaging our travel and tourism industries by millions for each day the government remains shut down. (Yes, that means the Statue of Liberty is closed for business...)

     8. Head Start programs across the country will start closing, ending educational and health benefits for low-income children.

     9. Disability benefits could be interrupted, leaving vulnerable Americans without the support they rely on.

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