October 25, 2013

Tom Hayden, Peace Exchange, worth following.

Tom Hayden
The Peace Exchange Bulletin
Published by Tom Hayden, The Peace Exchange Bulletin is a reader-supported journal, critically following the Pentagon's Long War in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, as well as the failed U.S. wars on drugs and gangs, and U.S. military responses to nationalism and poverty around the world.

Two, Three, Many Americas?

Since the posting of "Becoming Two Countries in 2014", many readers have argued that we actually are becoming three or more Americas, while others cling to the dream of becoming One America again.

Greenwald Drone Film Opens In Pakistan

In a unique film premiere for victims of drone strikes, Pakistani leader Imran Khan will host a screening of Robert Greenwald's new documentary "Unmanned: America's Drone Wars" in Islamabad this Friday. 

Bird-Dog Your Congressional Representatives

Peace Action West has produced a citizens' guide to Congressional votes on Afghanistan, drones and other issues of war-and-peace.

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