June 16, 2007

Counter Military Recruitment Campaign

As each day goes by, and opposition grows against the Iraq war and other attacks on democracy, more forceful tactics and outright lies will be used by the military to recruit the hearts, minds and bodies of our youth. It is time to participate in counter-recruitment campaigns in order to stop the harvesting of human beings. Please explore our counter-recruitment website, which features regularly updated articles, resources, and other educational information about counter-recruitment activities.


The Marketing of MilitarizationThis section features an investigation of military recruitment methods of print advertising.

News ArticlesContinually updated News Articles that are helpful in regards to Counter Recruitment.

ResourcesRecommended materials to use in counter recruiting.

Counter Recruitment 101Basic information on the major topics of Counter Recruitment such as the No Child Left Behind Act,ASVAB, Conscientious Objector, Enlistment Agreement & Delayed Enlistment Program, GI Bill and other helpful counter recruitment basics.

Military Recruitment Data Now Available from National Priorities Project In the tradition of the National Priorities Project turning data into action, NPP has released a major expansion of the NPP Database. With the addition of military recruitment data, they are again highlighting the cost of war and militarism on local communities.

The Solomon AmendmentInformation on the Solomon Amendment and the current status of the bill.

Organize: Is JROTC Coming to a School Near You?Due to a FOIA filed by Peaceworks Magazine, we have information availble for you on the 48 schools that the Air Force will be starting JROTC and the 208 schools that the Navy will open JROTC. Organize your community to make sure your schools are protected from militarization.

Actions: Picket, Protest, Pass a ResolutionWays to get involved in your school, community, and state. STUDENT & ACTIVIST ACTION IDEAS

National GuardInformation on the National Guard including the Army Reserves, historical backround and general information that is important to know.

Alternatives to the MilitaryLinks to scholarship sites, youth jobs, test prep's, travel programs, that show alternatives to joining the military.

Campaign ContactsA database of organizations, organized by state, that are working on counter military recruitment efforts.

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