June 25, 2007

Experts recommend fixing flaws in NCLB Accountability Provisions

A panel of national education experts has issued a set of recommendations aimed at fixing "serious flaws" in the assessment and accountability provisions of NCLB. “Assessment and Accountability for Improving Schools and Learning”calls for replacing the one-shot tests used to impose sanctions under the federal law with multiple measures that better support high-quality teaching and increased student achievement.

The report from the Forum on Educational Accountability (FEA) was the work of a nine-member expert panel on assessment. This report provides recommendations for an inclusive and fair assessment and accountability system.

“This report offers solutions to key FEA concerns about NCLB, including AYP, one-shot tests, and unhelpful sanctions, by promoting reasonable improvement requirements, multiple measures, and support for schools,” said Dr. Monty Neill, co-executive director of FairTest: the National Center for Fair & Open Testing, who chairs the FEA. “It is a valuable complement to FEA’s earlier report, Redefining Accountability: Improving Student Learning by Building Capacity. Together, the reports offer policymakers and other education stakeholders a roadmap for overhauling NCLB.”

The press release, Executive Summary, and full report of this new report are all online.

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