August 25, 2007

Ask Not What Your Caucus Can Do for You...

Ask What You Can Do for Your Caucus
A Call for Midwest Peace & Justice Authors, Readers & For You to Start Posting

The mission of the NEA Peace & Justice Caucus is to promote economic and social justice and peaceful resolution of conflict. This blog has been established as tool to further organize and inform the Peace and Justice Caucus in the Midwest region. As a member of the NEA Peace & Justice Caucus, you have the opportunity not only to read up on the issues, but also speak out and organize actions that help promote our caucus ideals. Enjoy the site!

Comments & Posting

Please help us make the Midwest Peace & Justice Blog reach its potential. The goal of our blog is to create an on-line community that not only shares information but also takes the opportunity to speak to the issues. Each of our articles has a comment section to create "threads of discussion" on issues. We would like to ask everyone to at least try to leave a comment or two to prompt some discussion on issues that are important to us.

A Call for Writers & Readers
We could also use a member or two of the Midwest Peace & Justice Caucus to volunteer to serve as authors and readers for our blog. We would like editorial authors to help us add more original content to our blog. This is your chance to speak out and be read. Our number of hits after seven months of publication is impressive.

This shouldn't require a huge time commitment if we schedule our authors and all share some of the responsibility.

We also need readers who will be on the look out for great editorials, articles and news releases to share with our members. It will truly benefit our efforts to: keep our members informed, share important literature and ideas, and organize to promote our positive agenda.

And, if nothing else, we'd love you to start posting to the site to start some valuable discussion on the issues that are important to us. We believe that this will help shape our agenda, allow us to begin thinking about resolutions and new business items to share at our regional and state assemblies. And, who know, it could lead to a discussion at the NEA level.

I'll continue to post, trouble shoot and give any of you help that are interested. I hope that you keep reading and a few of you decide to join us in our mission to make the Midwest Peace & Justice Blog the most effective tool possible for our members.

Please drop me a line at our new Midwest Peace & Justice Blog email address if you're interested, could be interested or have any questions. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Or contact me personally.

We hope that we can count on you for help.

Tom McLaughlin,
Your Blog Guy

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