August 25, 2007

United Teachers of Los Angeles Support for Fall Anti-War Activities

...from the Peace & Justice Western Region...
UTLA Support for Fall Anti-War Activities

Moved, that UTLA renew its call for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and

Further moved, that UTLA promote and endorse fall anti-war activities, specifically the September 15th, September 29th, and October 27th national, regional and local mobilizations, the ILWU (San Francisco) sponsored Labor and the War Conference on October 20, and the September 22-29 Tent-Cities at the Westwood and Downtown Federal Buildings; and

Further moved, that UTLA will publicize the Iraq Moratorium to our members, giving them opportunities to break their daily routine and take some action to end the war, beginning on September 21, 2007, and continuing on the third Friday of each subsequent month.

Finally moved, that UTLA will publish this resolution and circulate it to its affiliates and members through its various communication vehicles, and to inform our Congressional Delegation of this resolution, encouraging them to vote against further allocations of funding for the Iraq occupation, except for the safe and immediate removal of our troops there.


UTLA has expressed its opposition to the ongoing occupation in Iraq and military operations in Afghanistan; yet these conflicts continue unabated. Over 3700 US troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians and fighters opposed to the occupation have lost their lives, and countless others have been wounded. The costs of the war and occupation, both in its operation and expected costs in healthcare and benefits for returning troops is projected to be well over 1 trillion dollars, while other pressing human needs at home such as healthcare, education, housing, and disaster recovery (such as Katrina) are neglected and under funded.

Major labor leaders have recently condemned the actions of the Iraqi Oil Minister in declaring public trade unions illegal, adding to the attacks on workers in that country, while President Bush and the Congress continue to fund the war despite the fact that over 65% of the American public feels we should bring our troops home from Iraq, and

Several national, regional, and local organizations are calling for a variety of anti-war campaigns, educational programs, and mobilization efforts this fall, designed to put more pressure on the administration to end these conflicts. UTLA should take an active part in making the connection between war funding and the lack of support for truly quality public education.

Submitted by Andy Griggs,
NEA Peace & Justice Caucus Chair

Member, UTLA Board of Directors

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