January 31, 2012

Afghan Clock by Tom Wolfe

This website featured a cost clock for the war in Iraq for a long time, but, like a Timex, it kept ticking even after the war ended. Because war has become our country’s chief export these days, we have finally replaced it with yet another war cost clock, this one on Afghanistan.  That conflict is not of primary concern to most Americans today, but it should be.  I live in the Quad Cities, an Iowa-Illinois area of some 375,000 people, and my local paper always deaths and injuries of our youth from our wars.  My mind fixates on the photo of one of our local girls who was in ROTC at her high school and then enlisted in the Army, only to die at 19 in a far off land for a dubious cause.  A cost clock isn’t all that impressive, I know, when what we really need is a death clock, but it’s all we have right now, so let’s pay some attention to it.
Tom Wolfe
P&J Midwest Regional Director

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