January 6, 2012

Possible Agenda for Regionals

The NEA Peace and Justice Caucus does not speak on behalf of or for the NEA. It is a members only internal group.
I. Introduction of people present.
II. Distribute list of P&J goals.
Members promote economic and social justice and peaceful resolution of conflict.

Our goal is to……
Reduce violence.
Promote tolerance.
Increase awareness of basic human and civil rights.
Support the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively
Work for world peace & disarmament.
Reduce the military budget and increase funding of education and other social needs.

III. P&J Goals: Our extensive list of supportive NBIs and Resolutions at the RA have caused confusion and conflict. The Exec Bd decided to limit the support we will give to the following:

IV. New priorities Campaign which has many of the same goals as the PandJ caucus to put money into social programs as opposed to war including:
End the Wars, Cut the Pentagon Budget, Tax the Rich, Corporations and Speculators, Invest in Our Communities; web site for principles,

V. Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid have been on the chopping block of the Federal Government in looking at budget cuts. There is a way to sustain these programs.
VI. Student College Debt: (Obama plan will help because it looks at the maximum students can now pay back, but more needs to be done to help our system and our students.)
VII. Economic justice: voting rights/restrictions being placed on voting rights/languages of citizens such as Spanish speaker offers discrimination/elderly ability to get to the polls
VIII. Environmental issues: right to clean air and water

IX. Explain Chiapas initiative, and list website for Paul Mann School: http://www.schoolsforchiapas.org/english/photos/schools-of-hope/577.html.
X. Explain Paul Mann Award
XI. P&J Websites:
a. National site not working right now.
b. Midwest site, http://midwestpeaceandjustice.blogspot.com/. Send anything you’d like posted to Nancy Porter at PorterNancy@msn.com. Need new blood running the site. Volunteers?
Thanks to Tom Wolfe for putting this together.

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