January 4, 2012

Resolution presented at Iowa Caucus Night

by Maher A Josephson on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 4:24pm
Foreign Affairs, Israel/ Palestine
Because the conflict in the Middle East is critical to peace and justice worldwide, its implication on human rights, war, financial cost, and our cherished civil rights values;
We support (1) the rights of the Palestinian People to live in dignity in their own state on portions of historic Palestine as appeared before the Six-Day war of 1967. (2) Israel’s right to live within a secure border where all citizens regardless of religion are treated equally, and provided equal opportunity economically and politically. (3) A direct, active, and even-handed US role to facilitate a peaceful final resolution.
We oppose (1) Israel’s settlement activities in the West Bank including East Jerusalem. (2) Moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem prior to a final resolution to the conflict. (3) All calls for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who live behind the Green Line, who are Israeli citizens. (4) The Separation Wall for its symbolism, and for erecting it in the occupied territories, which resulted in de facto annexation of land. (5) The use of violence, human shields, and collective punishment, whether perpetrated by state or non-state actors. (6) Any violence directed against peaceful demonstrators in the West Bank & Gaza. (7) The sending of arms to the region actuated by the influence of the Military Industrial Complex.

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