September 12, 2007

Chairman Miller on NCLB: Maintain Accountability in Schools and Make the Law Fair, Flexible, and Funded

Major Flaws in New Reauthorization Language
Cause Much Concern for Educators as Miller
Fails to Consider All of His Constituents

On July 30, in a speech at the National Press Club, Chairman George Miller said that, while the nation must maintain its commitment to the goals of the No Child Left Behind law of closing the academic achievement gap and helping all children learn by holding states and schools accountable for students’ academic progress, we must also make significant changes to the law in order to reach those goals. Miller highlighted six features he will focus on during reauthorization, including fairness and flexibility for schools, a rich and challenging curriculum, support for teachers and principals, school accountability, steps to turn around low-performing middle and high schools, and greater investments to achieve the law's goals.

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