September 23, 2007

Keep the Pressure On Congress To Take the Time To Get ESEA Right

September 21, 2007

A special alert to NEA Cyberlobbyists earlier this week told you that every e-mail message you send to your Member of Congress—urging him or her to slow down the process of reauthorizing ESEA so Congress can get it right this time—will be copied to House Education Committee Chairman George Miller of California.

Please continue to send those emails.

Urge Senators to Cosponsor Bill On Common-Sense Assessment Systems
Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) has introduced the Improving Student Testing Act of 2007 (S. 2053). The NEA-supported bill would

Allow states to use growth models and multiple measures to assess student learning and school success, ending the over-reliance upon two standardized tests given one day out of the year;
Allow states to return to the pre-NCLB requirement of statewide annual testing once in elementary school, once in middle school, and once in high school; and

Provide grants to states to significantly improve the quality of their assessments and place far greater emphasis on higher order and critical thinking skills, instead of rote memorization.
Contact Your Senators Today!

Tell your Senators to cosponsor Senator Feingold's Improving Student Testing Act of 2007.

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