September 8, 2007

Cherry Pick the News You Want to Read. TOPIC: The War in Iraq

Petraeus previews Iraq report

In a preview of his report to Congress next week, Gen. David H. Petraeus yesterday expressed disappointment in the lack of progress toward political reconciliation in Iraq . Full story

MSNBC on Iraq

Bush plots strategy to sell Iraq policy
Petraeus eyes spring troop drawdown
U.S.: 7 troops killed in 2 attacks
War took soldier's legs, but gave him a platform
Q&A: U.K. Gen. Jackson speaks out on Iraq


Sunni Bloc Returns to Iraqi Parliament
Iraqis Lack Basics of Battlefield Supply
Iraq Cleric Seeks Religious Separation
U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq at 3,760
Excerpts From Bin Laden Video

Newsweek: War in Iraq

Q&A: Gen. Sir Mike Jackson Speaks Out on IraqThe former head of the British Army is outspokenly critical of U.S. military policy in Iraq. Gen. Sir Mike Jackson discusses planning for the Iraq War, the problem with Washington's neocons and the military withdrawal from Basra City.

As Sunnis Flee, Shiites Now Dominate Baghdad
Iraqi Insurgents Using Bigger Rockets
War Has Made Baghdad Pre-Industrial

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