September 22, 2007

NPR: The Effects of Segretation in Our Schools

African Americans and Education
Inside Teaching and Learning in Black America in this Series

What's the Impact of School Segregation?
September 20, 2007 · Annie Wimbish, a school superintendent in Hattiesburg, Miss., and educator Jonathan Kozol are both long-time educators who work with children in public schools. They talk with Farai Chideya about the current trend of re-segregation in public schools.

Segregation Growing in American Schools
September 20, 2007 · Regardless of the racial tensions, Jena High School was — by definition — integrated. Other schools across America desegregated during the Civil Rights-era, but now they're unofficially re-segregating. The Civil Rights Project at the University of California Los Angeles is tracking this modern crisis in our classrooms.

Desperate for a Grade-A Education
September 17, 2007 · What won't parents do to get their children into the "right" school? Farai Chideya talks with education experts about how to get your kids the best education possible. She's joined by Andrew Rotherham, co-director of Education Sector; Lana Brody, an education consultant who helps families with private school selection; and Mikelle Willis, founder and director of the KIPP Academy of Opportunity in Los Angeles.

Education Roundtable
September 3, 2007 · Today we kick off a new, month-long series on education. While public school may be free, the price of making sure kids are equipped to learn is out of reach for some parents.

When Schools and Parents Collaborate
September 6, 2007 · News & Notes continues the monthlong education series with a look at what happens when parents and teachers approach education as a team effort.

Taking Teaching into New Territory
September 13, 2007 · Farai Chideya talks with a group of educators who have made an impact in the lives of countless young people in a big way — by breaking the rules.

Blacks and Education
What's the Impact of School Segregation?

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